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Author and Contributor Information

Jerry Matney was born and raised on a farm in Wise County, Texas, near Bridgeport, Decatur and Big Sandy Creek. After he joined the military, Jerry lived in Orange County, California, where he served thirty-four years as an educator, principal and rehabilitator of juvenile felons. He was elected to the Fountain Valley School Board and to the Huntington Beach City Council. In the 70s, he served a term as Mayor of Huntington Beach, California.

The Sandy Creek Boys is Jerry's third book. His first two books, Five Scalps and Woman War Chief, are historical novels. After Jerry retired, he and his wife Nedra moved from California to Surprise, Arizona, where Jerry is writing more historical novels. As he completes more books, they will be added to his publishing website at http://www.alvusIIpublishing.com.

To order an autographed copy of any of Jerry's books, please contact him by email at jalvusmatney@aol.com.

Lauren Holley, co-author of The Sandy Creek Boys, is the granddaughter of Jerry Matney. She was born and raised in California where she earned a BA from UC Berkeley and a Masters from CSU Fullerton. She teaches at Irvine Valley College in Orange County.


D. A. Gordon is a technical writer, editor, teacher, trainer and webmaster. She is also a published writer. Ms Gordon has helped Jerry with all of his books; she also created his websites and published his eBooks.


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